The cups of the bra are where your breasts sit. Usually rounded, as that’s the current fashion, the cups section can also be pointed or even slightly collapsed. The underwires of your bra, if it has them, are also cup components, usually running in special channels along the bottom and sides of the cups.


The most important part of the bra, the band is responsible for providing most of the support. The band handles up to 80 percent of the work of supporting your breasts and includes everything that wraps around the torso.


Straps help keep your bra stable and in place. They go over your shoulders but are not meant to support the entire weight of your breasts. Straps are almost always adjustable, even in the most basic of bra styles. There are two popular types of strap attachments : the camisole (otherwise known as a right-angle or straight-back attachment) and a leotard (otherwise known as a ballet back or u-back attachment).


An underwire is essentially an idealized breast root-the curve on the body where the breast tissue attaches to the torso. Underwires are meant to follow the contour of the breast, providing shaping and support from the bottom of the bra.